Rot At Top Founder Mentioned in New Article About Prop. 10

The prominent California political news site CALmatters quoted Rot At Top founder Bill Mitchell in a terrific new article that questioned the AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s decision to divert $20 million from AIDS treatment and prevention and foolishly spend it on ill-advised Prop. 10.

Noting that the foundation receives federal health care money to combat AIDS and HIV, Mitchell wrote: “The Office of the Inspector General should take a look at this. This is not how Medicare was supposed to work.”

Rot At Top has previously questioned whether its legal and moral for a tax-exempt charity that receives federal Medicare funding to use divert millions of dollars from its core mission and spend it on political campaigns.

We’ve called for an investigation of whether this is a misuse of federal funding. Maybe the OIG will take notice, now that top news reporters in Sacramento are shining some much-needed light on this misuse of public funds.