AHF’s Weinstein Attempts Another Power Grab

Not content to simply divert precious health care dollars to fight land use battles, Michael Weinstein, president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, has drafted his pet project, Prop. 10, to grant himself autocratic and extraordinary legal powers. 

Prop. 10, sponsored by AHF, includes a provision that allows cities to impose rent control policies. In a self-serving twist, Mr. Weinstein drafted the proposition to allow him, yes just him, to act as attorney general and defend and enforce the proposition if it becomes law – then collect legal fees in court.

What makes this prospect especially scary is the track record of Mr. Weinstein and AHF to use the legal process to pound critics and competition, as evidenced by the recent lawsuit filed by AHF against the City of Los Angeles – and Measure S, which would have stopped development of a high-rise that threatened to block the view from Weinstein’s 21st floor office in Hollywood.


This is not someone who can be trusted to put his own self-interests aside and act for the public good.