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Our Founding Fathers were acutely sensitive to the possibility that power could be abused by the powerful. The very structure of American democracy reflects their effort to constrain the potential for abuse with checks and balances built into its governing structure, and by requiring the consent of the governed. But effective consent requires that the governed are informed. And the convoluted forms that today’s corruption takes require particular and adroit attention.

My involvement in various good government initiatives for the past 25 years has provided me with ample evidence of the abuse of power. As a spectator to the political arc of California for the past 40 years, I’ve seen that active abuse is not the sole culprit of the rot that ails our state. An equally pernicious part of the failure of political elites is simply their failure to lead; to not do the job they begged voters to give them.  Any quick catalog of the issues facing California today reflects that our problems exist or have been made worse by political leaders simply failing to do their job.

Beyond indolence and incompetence, the other source of the rot lies in the vested and monied special interests that corrupt, hi-jack, or otherwise compromise the political process for their sole benefit, nine in ten times to the detriment of the public.

As a resident and activist in Orange County, the rot in the OC is of particular interest. The reigning king of rotten in OC is District Attorney Tony Rackauckas.  The embattled DA has been the focus of much attention for his multiple of ethical lapses, bungled prosecutions and ineffective leadership.

This site is dedicated primarily to pointing out, commenting on, and excoriating the rot within the State of California. However, I do reserve the right to wander wherever I choose as the urge arises. Your thoughtful input, as always, is welcome.

Malevolent elites, dishonest government officials, the idly rich, and corrupt corporate titans – each who forsake the public interest for their own – embody The Rot at the Top.