Rot at the Top

Our Founding Fathers were acutely sensitive to the possibility that power could be abused by the powerful. The very structure of American democracy reflects their effort to constrain potential for abuse with checks and balances built into its governing structure, and by requiring the consent of the governed. But effective consent requires that the governed are informed. And the convoluted forms that today’s corruption takes require particular and adroit attention.


The AIDS Healthcare Foundation continues to waste millions of dollars on pet political projects dreamed up by its founder and president Michael Weinstein.  The government is finally starting to take notice. California’s Fair Political Practices...
With 31 Americans dead and over 200,000 acres burnt after fires that spread at a rate of 80 football fields a minute ravaged California, the President turned to Twitter to share his take. There is no reason for these massive, deadly and costly forest...

The Horror of Tony Rackauckas

Our Orange County District Attorney Office has become a house of horrors as revelations of misconduct, incompetence, and delayed justice pile up. DA Tony Rackauckas’s failures have not only undermined public confidence in the judicial system – they undermine public safety. Though the 60 Minutes investigative report...
The prominent California political news site CALmatters quoted Rot At Top founder Bill Mitchell in a terrific new article that questioned the AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s decision to divert $20 million from AIDS treatment and prevention and foolishly spend it on ill-advised Prop. 10.
New York State
A pernicious part of government malfeasance and waste stems from the abuse of mail sent directly to constituents. Sent at tax payer expense, these mailers are a way for incumbents to get their names in front of voters. As evidenced in Orange County, it’s quite the racket.